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"I don't chew my cabbage twice when I say everybody know my custom blends the best in The Valley. All's I can say is they the very best Sativas together, the very best Hybrids together, and my absolute favorite Indica's together."

- Wicked Hillbilly
Industry THC
Type Dsgn | Brnd | Mkt
Tools III | Ph | InD | HTML\CSS
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Royce Roll Design Group developed Wicked Hillbilly for a new cannabis venture out of Washington State. Given just the name, we created a brand of pre-rolled cannabis joints that would resonate with the locals and be sought after by city folk as well.

Once set in motion, the project was truly a memorable one. All facets of the brand's development brought smiles from ear to ear including visual identity, packaging, marketing assets, sales collateral, and the entire online UX/UI experience.
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