Royce Roll Design Group understands that quality of experience in a space directly relates to the engagement of the people within the environment.

Creating a memorable experience is paramount today. The best interior designers & architects push their understanding of how an environment can be aesthetically pleasing but still function to best suit the individuals within it.

Designed Interiors uses experiential design to prioritize human interaction with a given environment - strategically using design elements to elicit an emotional connection, immerse the occupants in a narrative, and trigger a sub-conscious link to a space and/or brand. Better engagement equals more customers, better productivity in workspaces, increased sales from extended stays, and will catapult the social shareability of the well-designed space.

Decor, texture, lighting, scents, signage, and emotional stimuli that strongly align with the brand story are just a few of the ways experiential design accomplishes a connection. Our branded content melds hand in hand with the designed interior to reflect the purpose of a particular space.

Designed Interiors