Royce Roll Design Group is a product development powerhouse tailor-made for startups, new division launches, L3C entrepreneurial ventures, and small manufacturing outfits.

Our end-to-end design house can handle the initial conception of an idea, engineering & development, manufacturing, and delivery.

We carefully assess & assimilate our clients' needs, handling each product design as a bespoke tailor. A customized solution is devised by strategizing with our network of industrial designers, mechanical & electrical engineers, patent attorneys, rapid prototyping houses, and manufacturing. Our strategic relationships with global manufacturing outlets in Europe, Asia, and the Americas have been developed over the last 15 years to provide our clients the pinnacle in sourcing options.

Machine Learning

Royce Roll Design Group has the knowhow to manufacture quality products. We are professionals who understand manufacturing requires production-ready CAD files (computer-aided designs). Our engineers will construct every detail or BOM (bill of materials) - including itemized components and detailed assembly instructions to enable proper product functionality.

Quality Control

Every product requires specific manufacturing techniques, molds, and/or tooling to ensure that proper shapes of a part carefully meet product specifications. Product manufacturing requires laser focused precision, and our professional network understands the subtleties in machining processes, assembly line functionality, operations, parts production, automation, quality.