Royce Roll Design Group is a central node to a global network of Production Professionals, Motion Graphics Makers, VFX Artists, Experiential Designers, and Creative Technology Entrepreneurs.

Our combined intelligence equates to decades of expertise in the industries of Advertising, Television, Film, Music, Brand Experience, Fashion & Apparel.

Our insatiable desire for Creative Production, Motion Graphics, VFX, and Experiential Design is the dynamic force that causes us to reimagine what is possible and constantly drives us to the next big dream. We have forged strategic alliances with the best artists, creative agencies, production houses, and cutting-edge brands to bring forth visually stunning media in the digital, physical, and interactive arenas.


Bred from the film and television industry of Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY; our Miami-based creative collective has affiliates in Ft. Lauderdale, Los Angeles, New York, China, Japan, Germany, Spain, and London. We seek out diverse backgrounds, allowing true creative radical expression through breathtaking productions, advertising, brand experiences, and new & emerging technologies.